Thoughts at the end of 2020

If you would ask me what is the biggest lesson that 2020 left me, I would undoubtedly say it taught me the true meaning of resilience.

Each passing month brought new challenges to our family, and with each one I thought I had found my breaking point. However, time and time again I found in myself more space for pushing through them and inventing solutions.

I learnt that what matters most is having your loved ones near you and taking care of those relationships. I learnt that we don’t have anything without our health, and I recognised who are those people you really want in your support bubble.

I learnt to smile despite the hard times, to create a sense of order and routine to each day, to embrace the time I had to spend our son and our family. I allowed myself time to self-care and committed to an exercise routine: a little luxury to re-charge batteries and carry on. I embraced more than ever the joys of creating a home that is a sanctuary of peace and love, a place where we can feel free and safe from the uncertainty outside.

This year allowed me to reconnect with old passions: painting, drawing, decorating and DIYing…  I took my camera out and took more photos than ever, it even inspired me to start this blog and led me to meet wonderful people online who share my interests. I became part of a world community of like-minded renters. It was a very creative year.

In the end, I found in me a strength that I did not know. We saw as a family that we could put our heads and hearts together to find solutions to problems that seemed impossible to solve. We found that with patience, creativity, and asking for help there can be light even in the darkest times.

My hopes for 2021 are for healthier, stable and calmer days. I hope for hugs and smiles without fear and without masks. I hope that we can look back at 2020 as a distant memory, and be grateful for the lessons it gave us and remember those we lost.

Wishing you a better 2021.


Our little family, wishing you a healthy and better 2021.