‘It’s not mine, so why invest in it?’

Testing wall colours. In the end, we went for Little Greene’s Pearl Colour for the cupboard doors and the bedroom walls in Jasmine White by Dulux

This is such a common answer I get from my renter friends when I would ask about why they wouldn’t hang anything or decorate the walls in their home when it needs refreshing.

The thought is that if it is rented, it’s temporary and any money spent is money wasted. After all, we are all saving to buy our own place, aren’t we?

However, the reality is that more and more millennials will be renting for longer than previous generations: buying a property in big cities is becoming increasingly harder. I think we should change our frame of thought: if we will live most of our young adult life renting, that place is our home, we should feel house-proud and make it personal!

Investing in good quality furniture, wall decoration and even changing the handles to doors or cupboards are all things that can be taken with you when you next move. Most sensible landlords will allow you to change the wall colours if you ask (good landlords appreciate tenants who look after their property), and you can hang as many pictures as you like as long as you fill in the holes when you. Those small changes won’t break the bank and you will get your deposit back.

A small change makes a big difference! New pull handles for the built-in cupboard doors.
A change of colour to add interest to dull wardrobe doors and new cabinet pulls.
Magnolia walls no more!

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