A bright idea! Ikea Latt hack

One of the staples of any home with a young child must be the IKEA Latt table and chairs set. This set is a life saver for drawing, crafts, messy play and it will keep the mess away from your own dining table or work desk.

Its basic design of untreated pine and white board for the table top and seat makes it ideal for hacking. I am sure you have seen many of versions of this popular set.

Can you spot the table and chair?

Scroll below to see my version:

Tools you’ll need:

An allen key (the one that comes with the Latt set)

Masking tape

Paintbrush or small roller

Paint tray

Paint, certified toy safe

I used Rust-oleum Painter’s touch, a Certified Toy Safe paint in bright orange. We chose this colour to match a set of vintage Japanese dolls we got on a trip. Orange is the only additional colour we have on our living and dining area decoration. This way the set looks playful but still keeps a theme with the rest of the decor.

How to do it, step by step

Loosen the screws for the chairs and table and remove the white boards. Put them aside to avoid staining.

Cover with masking tape the corners and edges. Make sure it is tightly taped.

To paint the chair legs, measure how much of the leg you would like to paint and tape the line as a guide.

Start painting! Do a first layer to all surfaces. This paint dries quickly and it has excellent coverage, let dry.

Do a general run through, apply a second layer.

Let it dry, take the masking tape off and reassemble!

Here’s the final result. Very pleased with the bright punch of colour!

The finished product. TA-DAH!
Make it fun, but keep it design

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