Did you see? We were featured in ‘How I Rent’!

If you are a design-conscious renter like me, you probably have already come across Medina Grillo’s fabulous Instagram @howirent_, and her blogs Grillo Designs and How I Rent.

Medina is a champion for renters who make their home as true to their taste as possible, as well as a DIY pro.

She regularly features renter’s home tours in her blog, but due to the current pandemic, it became difficult to visit people’s houses to film, so the format adapted to the ‘new normal’ and contributors shared their favourite rooms in their homes, which she beautifully put together and shared to her channel. This was my tour of my son’s bedroom.

Filming for it was such a fun thing to do. It was something completely out of my comfort zone, as I am not keen on being filmed, but hey! If the world is upside down, when else is it a better time to come out of your comfort zone?

Since the video came out, I have already written about how his room has changed now that he sleeps in a bed and we swapped the layout around. This room tour will remain a lovely memory of how it used to be.

Enjoy and if you haven’t before, take a look at her work:

You can read the full interview and feature here.

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