Hello! Welcome to my blog, a new project I started as an extension to my Instagram, @myrentednest and my Etsy store, AmanobyPiti.

Let’s get started with some introductions:

My friends call me Piti. I moved to London 10 years ago from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Ever since I was in school, I dreamt of moving to London. The city stole my heart and mind since visiting family here as a 16-year-old. I knew that one day I would make the big move.

Fast forward to Uni, becoming an Architect, graduating and convincing my father to gift me a one-way ticket to London!

I arrived to the city in the midst of the recession, and started meeting people, learning the city and sending my CV e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! Got my first job in a kitchen showroom, and made my first friends there. The stories from that job are now funny anecdotes, but looking back, I’m certain our boss was breaking all sorts of employee’s rights.

After enduring 1 year there, I moved on to a very reputable interior design studio in West London, where I found more stability and met amazing people, making life-long friendships, was able to start saving, and also met my now husband. After 3 years working there, it was time to reconnect with my passion and change direction: I applied for an MsC in Architectural Conservation at the University of Edinburgh, got accepted and off I went!

Throughout those first years, I lived with family, and then rented rooms in flat-shares, bedsits, shared studios, did flat-sitting, shared with my best friend, moved and moved once again. All of those places had a main thing in common: they never had a living room, they felt temporary and decorating was extremely limiting. I always tried to make my room as personal as possible, always hanging pictures and starting to buy pieces that would make it mine. Many of the sharers I met would not even put a photo up, and I never understood how they could live in a place and not want to make it a HOME.

Only when my husband and I moved in together we had a flat with a living room… The luxury! After Scotland we came back to London, got married, and found a tiny old flat to rent. There I was able to put into practice some of the design ideas I had been itching to try out and make it more personal.

We stayed there for over 3 years, until we outgrew it with the arrival of our son; time to move again! By then I had my current job at a Classical Architecture practice doing exactly what love: working with historic buildings.

Now, as a family, I set out to find a place with a strict ‘must-haves’ list. After living in plenty of sub-par properties, we thought it important to find a clean slate to make it our family home. Little by little we are making it our very personal representation of our likes and who we are, a place that our son knows is home; he doesn’t need to know it is rented!

This path got me thinking that I wasn’t the only renter with an interest in design, there must be more like-minded people, and so @myrentednest was born. And that, in summary, is me and why I share my interiors here.

Hope you enjoy sharing this journey with me, I look forward to meeting from more renters and their design stories!


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